Location — for documents where the best approach is to organise the information geographically.
The LATCH technique
This is a great technique for organising larger amounts of information. LATCH is an acronym and stands for:
Alphabetical — in alphabetical order. This is particularly useful if the reader needs only certain bits of information and knows what they are looking for.
Time — organising information into chronological order. This is useful if we are describing a chain of events.
Category — this is useful for breaking down wider topics into smaller groups. For example, if we were writing about everyday computer devices we could break them down into these categories: desktop PCs, laptops, gaming consoles, tablets and smartphones.
Hierarchy — this is great for describing the differences between things, and explaining reasons, and causes and effects. Examples are: order of importance, general to particular, simplest to most complex, most desirable to least desirable, cheapest to most expensive, smallest to largest and so on.