Exercise 5
Break up the sentences in this example into shorter ones. The exercise will appear on the left of the screen, and a version for you to work on will appear in the box on the right. So all you will need do is put in the full stops where they belong.
When you've finished, tap on or click 'show answer' to see our suggestion. If you want to check something part-way through the exercise you can hide the answer again by tapping on or clicking 'hide answer'. If you want to start again for any reason, just tap on or click 'reset' and the text in the box will reset to match that of the exercise.
From an employer's guidance for staff on how having a medical condition may help them get a job transfer
Once you have completed a medical assessment form, it will be sent to an independent medical advisor who will assess your application and, if they find evidence that your illness or disability is being made worse by your current job, may give you extra priority for a transfer.
Please be aware that the medical advisor may need to contact your doctor or consultant directly for further information and may also ask the advice of an occupational therapist to help assess how you function within your current role.